Three Guarantees Clause
The product has three guarantees, and the warranty period is 1 year, but it does not contain wearing parts.
(Note: The three-guarantee product refers to the repair, replacement and refund that need to be carried out due to quality problems. The direct expenses within the scope of the three-guarantee will be borne by us. The costs of freight, accessories, and technical personnel accommodation and travel expenses shall be borne by the equipment user bear.)
One Year Warranty
Shengbang's equipment warranty period starts from the date of commissioning and acceptance of the unit. Users can enjoy one-year free warranty service for the whole machine with the invoice and warranty certificate. Under the normal use of the equipment within the warranty period, the cost of maintenance due to the quality of the unit itself shall be borne by Shengbang
Standardized After-sales Service System
During the operation of your project, if there is any problem with the production line, you can make complaints and feedback. We guarantee to complete the problem identification within 24 hours, issue a solution, and help domestic (10 days abroad) customers to solve the problem within 3 days. Standardized operation of our complaint handling system ensures accurate and efficient problem handling.